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Jason Smith

Technical Director / Chief Technical Officer

What do you do at Integration Technology?

I’m responsible for the day to day engineering within Integration Technology, making sure that the current products and designs continue to operate and are developed to match advancing manufacturing requirements & processes. I also look after new product development and new technologies. Where possible, I try to get fully immersed in the product concept design.


What are your credentials/past experience, for working in your position?

I have been with Integration Technology for 18 years. Prior to this, I worked in the automation industry first as a designer, then latterly as a project manager. Working for high volume manufacturers and the automotive industry. I installed UV systems as part of automated processes on several of the projects during this period.

Just prior to Integration Technology, I spent 3 years working for a tier 1 automotive supplier in the US.

I also have a Masters degree in Advance Manufacturing Systems.


What do you like about working for Integration Technology?

Within Integration Technology, there is a great freedom to develop new ideas. We work very closely as a team, bouncing ideas and customer requests into design briefs.

I love the ability to sketch out ideas with my team on white boards, within weeks see “string and chewing gum” prototypes and then in a matter of months nicely honed products being photographed for data sheets, exhibitions and boxed for sale. 

The main joy of working for a medium sized company is the ability to get involved in every stage of the design and development. 

We use tools such as flow and thermodynamic simulation, but we also are happy to use simple models and prototypes where appropriate.


What is your background?

I don’t come from an engineering background. None of my parents, parents friends or relatives were engineers. However, when I was growing up, I had a love of lego (Meccano was bit expensive), and I loved building machines and mechanisms. I once build a rather crude automatic gearbox from lego, after being inspired by a television programme. Of course my favourite subject at school was engineering drawing.


What are the values that drive you?

I am a great believer in enthusiasm. Whenever I’m looking for new staff, the most important credential to me is enthusiasm. I want my staff to want to come to work, I want them to love the projects they are working on, and to be thoroughly bought into the process of making it a success.

I’d like to think I lead by example. I try to be fair, calm and open to ideas and suggestions. I won’t ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t be prepared to do myself. 


Your top 3 favourite Podcasts/Books?

I tend to only read when on holiday, where I’m quite happy sitting for 4 or 5hrs reading a book. I have a good friend who is an author, who keeps my wife and I in touch with current literature. So my choice is usually based on these. 

My favourite book without a doubt is Canery Row by John Steinbeck. It’s a beautifully written portrayal of human kindness and interaction.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

My lifelong passion is Hang Gliding, I started at 18 while at university, bought my 1st glider in my second year, and have owned one ever since.

Outside work and during the summer months I become very difficult to tie down in advance. The British weather is a fickle thing, and I absolutely hate missing a great hang gliding day.

I have flown, in gliders, microlight aircraft, hot air balloons, light aircraft, and even had a helicopter lesson, but I love the beauty and freedom of hang gliding.

I also run a few times a week, - I’m still relatively hopeless, and quite enjoy growing tomatoes, chillies and potatoes! 


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David Johnson

Sales Director

Please introduce yourself and your role at Integration Technology:

I am David Johnson, Sales Director for Integration Technology. I am responsible for the Sales functions of the company and look after our team of team of Business Development Managers and the internal Sales Support Team. My role is to try and assist in the sales process wherever that is needed, whether that be Technical or Commercial Support to the Sales Guys or helping to specify new products or directly supporting customers in meetings onsite and online. Overall, our aim is to provide good products and great customer service.  


How long have you been at Integration Technology, and has your role changed?

I joined the company on 1st December 2001, when the company was in its infancy, at that time was Global Accounts Director, but at that stage in the company’s development we basically did any job that needed doing, everything from Technical Support, to Shipping, to Deliveries and making the Tea. As the company has evolved I have reverted to my normal role of Sales and taken the title of Sales Director, although I still spend a lot of time helping and supporting Customers and the team at Integration Technology with application issues. 


What do you enjoy about your role within Integration Technology?

Meeting people from different backgrounds and geographic regions, promoting UV curing in all its guises and of course our products and services. Call me a bit of a Nerd, but UV is still exciting and we come across new challenges every day in different industries this makes it interesting. The advent of UV LED is making UV Curing processes accessible to industries that previously could not be accomplished with conventional UV Lamp technology.


Why do you think customers choose Integration Technology?

Integration Technology is a pioneering, innovative company, with an in depth understanding of UV curing applications. We offer a range of product options from our standard off the shelf product, a tailored standard product, finally we will also undertake bespoke applications where a normal UV solution is not applicable and a completely novel design is required. Our aim is to remain flexible in our designs and products.


About you:

I am lucky to live in the English countryside in a small village, we have a pub, a small shop and two churches. The local roads are a Cycling paradise, in the countryside with few cars and sometimes it doesn’t even rain,  so I spend some time doing that. My wife and I have a Motorhome which we enjoy taking it away to different areas with our 2 dogs and exploring. I am also a qualified Yacht skipper and we sometimes charter yachts in nice areas of the world. And to really get away from all the stresses of life Fishing, a couple of hours sitting quietly by a river or lake is just what the Doctor ordered to de-stress and recharge the batteries and if that is combined with camping so much the better.


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Koen Santegoeds

Business Development Manager

Please introduce yourself and your role at Integration Technology:

I am Koen Santegoeds, Business Development Manager for Integration Technology. I work alongside with our Management team, and our partner company IST Metz. My role is to serve our existing accounts, find new markets and new UV applications. My operating area is mainly Europe, and I also support globally activities. My goal, is that Integration Technology will be seen as the ideal partner, for any customer that is integrating UV technology.


How did your journey with Integration Technology begin?

I joined Integration Technology in 2016. After working 15 years in the offset printing industry, I have decided to switch jobs. It all started when I was joining the JGAS exhibition at the Tokyo Big Site. There I met David Johnson, Sales Director for Integration Technology. They were looking for a BDM in Europe. To be honest it was a nice conversation, but what can you do with UV? After some research, I found out that the UV business was not only growing a lot, but also the markets/applications where you can use UV technology are almost unlimited. 


What do you enjoy about your role within Integration Technology?

The markets we are operating in are very diverse. One day you are working for the wood industry, the next day for the printed electronics, or disinfection, and so on… . Together with a great team from Integration Technology we are fulfilling our customer’s needs. It is really satisfying to explore new markets and solutions that lead to great corporations and new innovations. It is never boring.


Why do you think customers choose Integration Technology?

As an Innovative company like Integration Technology, we are always pioneering and searching for new UV markets and applications. In these days, there are more demands of special products and customisation. The industry has to be flexible in changing their processes quickly. Integration Technology has the capability to think with the customer and come to right solution that leads to greater products, processes, and cost savings. For us, a customer is a partner.


About you:

I’m happily married with Jolanda, and we have two great kids. I like traveling, playing tennis, cycling, and going out with my metal detector. I also like to relax with a good glass of red wine at the fireplace reading a book.


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Lizzie Bentley

Sales Support Manager

Please introduce yourself and your role at Integration Technology:

I am Lizzie Bentley, the Sales Support Manager for Integration Technology. I work alongside our team of Business Development Managers (BDM’s) and our partner company IST’s sales team. My role is to make sure our team is meeting the business and customers’ needs, from processing orders, shipping, and technical support. Overall, it is about making sure as an organisation we are providing a great level of customer service to both external and internal customers.


How long have you been at Integration Technology, and has your role changed?

I joined Integration Technology in 2007 as an office junior, I’ve been very lucky that I have managed to gain a lot of experience by working within different areas of the business, so I could gain a full understanding of how the company runs. Over time I moved into the sales team, deciding this is the area of the business I enjoyed working within the most.


What do you enjoy about your role within Integration Technology?

I really enjoy my role as it is so varied, most of my time is spent directly with customers or our sales team, but I also really enjoy the “behind the scenes” work with our production and engineering team. It’s nice to see both sides of the coin and see the hard work being put in has a positive impact on our customers experience.


Why do you think customers choose Integration Technology?

Integration Technology is a pioneering, innovative company, with an in depth understanding of UV curing applications. We offer a range of product options from our standard off the shelf product, to a tailored standard product and we also collaborate on special projects with our customers. With this approach we can be flexible and work alongside our customers instead of just selling a UV system.


About you:

When I am not at work, I am kept busy with my children. I am a big Formula 1 fan, so any Sunday a Grand Prix is on I can be found watching it, and if I have any spare time left over, it is spent socialising with my friends.


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