Label print’s curing of choice showcases at LabelExpo 2019

UV LED curing specialist Integration Technology Limited is showcasing the latest in its innovative semiconductor technology at LabelExpo

UV LED curing specialist


Integration Technology Limited is showcasing the latest in its innovative semiconductor technology at


LabelExpo (Stand 5D21, Brussels Expo, Sept 24th- 27th 2019). In prime position on-stand, the labelling industry’s first choice in air-cooled UV LED pinning,  the


Pincure Z, was first launched at Label Expo in 2015 and later awarded UL accreditation in late 2017. A powerful solution in a compact and lightweight package for ultimate high-speed pinning between print heads, it exhausts from the top of the lamp head, safely away from any adjacent print heads, and likewise houses its optics to de-risk UV light damage to the print head nozzle plates and away from media contact and lens contamination. Also available in a water-cooled


Pincure C UV LED version. Additionally on show, the air-cooled UV LED Z Series from Integration Technology offers up the 6W/cm²


MZ - an ideal solution for inter-colour curing or high-speed pinning and used notably for white inks on single pass applications. The MZ comes with the XT8 UV LED Booster as standard. Ranging from 14W/cm² to 22W/cm², Integration Technology’s




VZ and


VZX UV LED products have also recently been accredited with the UL standard.  All include the XT8 UV LED booster in addition to VARIcool cooling and XChange as standard, providing high efficiency and more output not only in intensity but also dose. VARIcool technology automatically adjusts the air-cooling according to the ambient temperature delivering a consistent output in working environments of up to 40°C. A recent development from the company, XChange enables immediate, on-site parts exchange reducing costly down-time associated with returning components to base for repair. Stand 5D21 also hosts C Series water-cooled UV LEDs offering class-leading performance of intensity notably in the shape of the


NCX with its output of 30W/cm². The


SC range has been widely adopted in label applications thanks to unbeatable dose and unmatched linearity of output enabling it to outperform other offers to market including those claiming higher peak intensity. The series’ slim and compact architecture enables easy integration while the water-cooled feature provides a stable and precise high output unaffected by the local environment. By combining and integrating the XT8 array and STEADYcool technology, Integration Technology can also offer the SC range to IP64 standard. UV arc and UV LED curing solutions are both available in modular and bespoke offers.  A member of the


IST Metz Group, Integration Technology enables access to the largest portfolio of UV curing solutions in the world, including IST’s ground breaking Excimer UV. More at


www.uvintegration.com  #WeHaveTheCure


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