And Back Again – For Locky

It all started 10 years ago when a group of 7 friends got together at a Rugby Club in Camberley and after a few beers thought that riding a bike from Land's End to John O’Groats sounded "fun".  1000 miles for Macmillan was born and the group took off to the roads on one epic adventure. You can see how they did by looking up their Blog at


1000milesformacmillan.blogspot.com/2009/ They did a great job and raised £14,000 for the cancer charity.  10 years ago is quite sometime, unfortunately one of the original team members Ian Lockett (Locky) lost his own battle with Melanoma. Before he passed away the now much older and far more greyer group of friends, had looked back on their many adventures together and wondered if 10 years on this would be possible? Locky's wish was for the group to do this "just one more time" but for a cancer research facility to try to prevent cancer in the first place rather than focusing on palliative care. So on September the 1st 2019 a group of 7 friends will once again take to the roads, there is no point in doing the same old route again so this time they have opted for John O'Groats to Lands End, which seemed the obvious thing to do at the time! They will have until the 14th September to complete the 1000 miles but here is the thing we are now 10 years on. There are 3 of the original members taking part, David Johnson, Stewart Johnson and Andrew Johnson, 3 brothers but the oldest one of them is now 66 years of age. (We will let you decide which one you think may be the oldest) The new members of the team will include Patrick Johnson (Dave's Son) Paul Whittingham, Ian Russell and Andrew Alfrey.  We wish them the very best of luck and proudly will share this donation page far and wide across our networks


www.rschcharity.org.uk/fundraisers/jogle-back-again please show your support for this awesome now much older team. LOCKY THIS ONE IS FOR YOU 


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