Digital Printing

The Product range from Integration Technology is applicable to most Print Applications, particularly Digital Print applications. We have low power discreet Pinning systems used to freeze the droplets and prevent dot gain between printheads on single pass Digital Printers where light scatter is a issue. We have the high power SCX system for the full cure of the ink at the end of these Printers where a full LED solution is desired. The SZ and VZ air cooled range of UV LED heads are designed with Wide Format moving head applications in mind and are used on the Brand Leader in the Grand Format. However, we try to design a product that although aimed at a particular market can be utilised in other areas, for instance we have a applications that use similar products for industrial processes such as the manufacture of Flat Panel Displays, OLED’s (Organic Light Emitting Diodes), Automotive Repair and Solar Panel Production. Indeed we are able to help our clients to get the most for the UV system and if necessary can develop a Bespoke solution to suit most process requirements.


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