DVZ 14W/cm² UV LED


The DVZ double row, air cooled, UV LED curing system is a high dose lamphead designed to meet the demands of higher production speeds.  


  • Solid output (non-pulse width modulated)
  • Class leading double dose
  • Fully scalable in length
  • Switch mode power supply unit which ensures world-wide compatibility
  • Variable Power
  • Addressable as standard, offering width switching or zone selection
  • VARIcool & XT8 technology


Download Datasheet DVZ


DVZ Features

High-performance LEDs

DVZ UV LEDs are ready to use immediately after switch on, there is no warm-up or cooling times, which saves both time and energy. LEDs have a long service life of greater than 20,000 hours.


Integration Technology grants a warranty of five years on each XT8 LED module. Older systems can also be upgraded with the XT8 technology, then this warranty also applies to those modules.

XT8: UV LED Booster

This innovative XT8 LED booster technology is developed by Integration Technology and helps the system reach an extremely high output and dose. The 30% boost in efficiency is available on any of our lamp heads fitted with 365, 385, 395 or 405nm or mixed wavelength arrays.

VARIcool Technology

A closed loop electronic system which automatically adjusts the air-cooling to individual segments within the total length of the LED array according to both the ambient temperature and the working duty cycle, delivering a consistent output even in working environments of up to 45 degrees centigrade.


Available in 4 alternative wavelengths or as a mixed wavelength module