Z series (air cooled)

Air Cooled UV LED Solutions from Integration Technology Limited

Integration Technology offers several ranges of standard light UV curing and UV LED curing sources, which can be sold alone or as part of a fully integrated modular system. Two technologies STEADYcool and VARIcool, solutions for water and air cooling respectively, offering a consistent, quieter and steady cooling performance.


With XT8 UV LED Booster technology, our latest systems achieve an extremely high output and dose which greatly increases cure speeds offering customers a wider choice in all applications.


Watercooled systems


Pincure Z 3W/cm² UV LED

Pincure Z UV LED offers a powerful solution in a compact and lightweight package for ultimate high speed pinning between inkjet print heads. The air cooling exhaust is from the top of the lamp head and away from any adjacent print heads.


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MZ 6W/cm² UV LED

R&D developments have provided Integration Technology with an industry leading compact, cost effective yet high performance air cooled UV LED solution; the MZ. Specifically targeted at small to medium wide format graphics printers and digital industrial markets.


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SZ 14W/cm² UV LED

Integration Technology introduces the next generation of its UV LED family the SZ. With upto 14 w/cm² peak irradiance and a lightweight construction, the SZ LEDcure has been specifically designed for the Wide Format Printing industry.


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VZ 16W/cm² UV LED

VZ LEDcure is specifically designed for the needs of the Super Wide and Grand Format Printing industry with 16W/cm² output, and 20% more dose than it’s sister product the SZ. Over the years the SubZero and VZero products have been established as some of the world’s leading UV curing systems for inkjet applications.


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VZX 22W/cm² UV LED

The VZX is a groundbreaking innovation with 22W/cm² of super high dose UV output bringing air cooled LED technology into the domain only previously possible with water cooling techniques. The VZX is especially suited to high speed single pass applications in graphics or industrial applications. In recent years the Integration Technology MZ, SZ and VZ products have been established as some of the world’s leading UV curing systems for inkjet and wider applications. Now Integration Technology is introducing the next generation of the family; the VZX.





VARIcool is a closed loop electronic system which automatically adjusts the cooling to individual segments within the total length of the LED array. It is used in all our LEDcure Z series products. According to both the ambient temperature and working duty cycle, the cooling is consequently eliminating any start-up spike and delivering a consistent output.


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