MZ 6W/cm² UV LED


R&D developments have provided Integration Technology with an industry leading compact, cost effective yet high performance air cooled UV LED solution; the MZ. Specifically targeted at small to medium wide format graphics printers and digital industrial markets. It is particularly useful where space and form factor can be an issue. The compact and lightweight architecture specifically matches direct to product printing as well as other emerging technologies.


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MZ Standard features

XT8: UV LED Booster

With XT8 UV LED Booster technology, the system reaches an extremely high output and dose which greatly increases cure speeds offering customers a wider choice in all applications. An extended service life is achieved since the semi-conductor chips are not being driven as hard when compared to other products on the market. The 30% boost in efficiency is available for systems fitted with 365, 385, 395 or 405nm or mixed wavelength arrays.


The MZ offers the highest degree of flexibility. With both standard I/O or serial bus interfaces as standard, the RS485 control is capable of driving up to two 320mm or one 640mm versions, greatly reducing the cabling needed. Alternatively the MZ can also be run through a more traditional digital I/O set of controls.


As a result of the very latest semiconductor packaging, the peak intensitiy of 6W/cm² delivers an unbeatable class leading dose, outperforming other products of this type with much higher indicated peak intensities.


Integration Technology grants a warranty of five years on each XT8 LED module. Older systems can also be upgraded with the XT8 technology, then this warranty also applies to those modules.

MZ is also an ideal solution for industrial inter colour curing or high speed pinning where the lampheads do not need to be mounted directly next to a print head. Alternate the emitting window can be equipped with a focussing lens for reduced scattering light.  MZ can be provided as a total solution including Power Supply, ‘Smart Hub' and the required interconnecting cables or as components only.


MZ 040

The MZ 040 has been designed and developed as an ultra compact lamp unit only option.

This allows developers to furnish their own electronic drive systems, although as a solutions provider Integration Technology can supply optional ancillary electronic drivers and will always support the development of such applications. Output performance to match the most demanding scanning platforms, even when operating at speeds in excess of 2m/sec.


Download Datasheet MZ


MZF Version

The MZF version has the same modular construction as the standard version, but is fitted with a Lens to redirect the lateral divergence of the UV light emitted from the array vertically towards the media. This creates a High Power Pinning option that is suitable for White inks on single pass inkjet printers or for use wherever restricted spread of UV light is required.


Download Datasheet MZ