NC Series


The NC Series is specially designed for extremely small integration spaces with high power requirements and is the first choice when especially powerful Pinning or Full curing is needed.

Slim and compact architecture enables easy integration while the water cooled feature will provide precision high output. By combining and integrating Integraion Technology’s latest XT8 high efficiency array and STEADYcool technologies, the NC LEDcure enables users to achieve higher efficiency and more output in terrms of both intensity and dose.


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NC features

High-performance LEDs

NC LEDcure is ready to use immediately after switch on, there is no warm-up or cooling times, which saves both time and energy. LEDs have a long service life of greater than 20.000 hours, and in addition, modules in the NC LEDcure can be easily replaced i

XT8: UV LED Booster

With XT8 UV LED Booster technology, the system reaches an extremely high output and dose which greatly increases cure speeds offering customers a wider choice in all applications. An extended service life is achieved since the semiconductor chips are not


Integration Technology grants a warranty of five years on each XT8 LED module (one shift operation). Older systems can also be upgraded with the XT8 Technology, then this warranty also applies to those modules.


The NC housing comes in steps of 90mm, each step includes up to 3 Modules at 30mm each that can be individually addressed. Within the standard housing any amount of 30mm Modules can be equipped to give the system unbeaten flexibility. Standard lengths are

NCX Series

For even higher speeds or extended curing demands, Integration Technology is able to provide the NC system in a High Power (X) version. The NCX version includes all the benefits of the NC system, but increases the peak power by a further 50%. The NCX series features both, Standard I/O or serial bus connectivity as standard so the lamphead can be operated by either 24V signals, serial bus or both

simultaneously allowing a seamless integration in the host machine combined with maximum feedback- and operation-control.