UV is sometimes shrouded in mystery, but this doesn’t need to be the case – this paper aims to outline the basic elements of UV technology, why you need to know it, and what you should be asking. Once armed with this foundational knowledge, a bespoke UV provider that understands how UV interacts and integrates with each stage of the printing process will take you the rest of the way.


Partnering with UV specialists that take a consultative and flexible approach to your UV requirements early on in the process will benefit the development of a smooth and effortless integrated solution. This allows for UV needs to be considered alongside every other crucial element of the machine design and result in a bespoke UV solution that works in harmony with every other technical aspect of your system. UV solutions aren’t ‘one size fits all’, and a perfectly tailored system starts by including the UV early in the process, and understanding the ‘UV ABCs’, starting with the two key parameters that must be understood to facilitate a successful UV integration – dose and intensity......


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In the previous whitepaper from Integration Technology, Understanding UV Part 1: The Two Key Concepts, we explored the fundamentals of successful UV integration, dose and intensity, outlined the basics of UV technology, and detailed some key questions to ask suppliers.


In this paper, we are taking a closer look at why it is so important to accurately measure those parameters, suggesting the information and equipment you will need, and examining some of the pitfalls associated with the process. The use of a UV measuring device on your production equipment is crucial to effective process control, and UV output measurements are subject to significant variation based on a number of factors, from radiometer manufacturer to product type. For these reasons, Integration Technology is following on from Part 1 of our Understanding UV series with a brief outline of the UV measurement essentials.


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The purpose of this article is to clarify your understanding of how photonics and more specifically Ultraviolet (UV) can help us master a possible second post-deconfinement wave. We find a lot of articles, products and information appearing on this subject with more or less seriousness and we wanted to help you keep a critical mind towards this flow of data.


The examples will mainly be based on SARS CoV-2 more commonly known as Covid-19, which is currently the center of attention, but they will also help us to understand the facts for other pathogens such as viruses, bacteria , fungi and algae.......


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