Discover your possibilities with the versatile UV, UV LED and Excimer technologies and join us at UV Days 2019. From 13 to 16 May 2019, the world's largest in-house exhibition for optical systems will take place for the ninth time. Under the motto "Tradition meets modernity" held at the IST Metz facility in Nürtingen, Germany Register for free, deadline for registration is 8th May. Integration Technology can be found on Booth C as well as our extensive range of Air and Water cooled UV LED Solutions our team of UV Curing experts will be waiting to hear about the requirements you may have. With many years of experience in the UV Curing sectors if we do not have a product which meets your specific requirements, we are in the position to tailor a solution to meet any UV Curing parameters, as we do not concentrate our efforts in one singe area. Our experts will ensure you have the correct UV for your application. Did you know…… ·        XT8 UV LED Booster technology enables higher output and dose with the need of increasing the input energy. If used within ITL specifications also comes with a staggering 5 year Warranty. ·        XChange allows immediate onsite exchange, guaranteeing ideal servicing conditions with minimal down times. ·       


STEADYcool specially designed water passages fitted with dynamic flow devices which greatly enhance the water cooling surface area ensuring maximum thermal transfer and cooling efficiency. This ensures totally even cooling to within 5 degrees Centigrade and consistent UV output even on the longest of arrays. ·     


VARIcool Greatly reduces the fan noise traditionally associated with air-cooled LED's down to market leading low levels, as low as 56dBa. Find out more on May 13th … Who are we? Here’s a quick resume …    ITL is a British company, founded in 2000 with headquarters near Oxford to develop novel UV curing solutions for emerging markets. We’ve been market partners with IST-Metz since 2011 and became part of the Metz Holding Group in 2015. With an R&D-focus, our early pioneering UV arc solutions for inkjet printing quickly coming to dominate the wide-format graphics industry. Embracing the concept of using semi-conductors as a light source, ITL became an early adopter of UV LED technology in 2002 and consequently holds several of the technology’s earliest patents, some substantially pre-dating the commercialisation of the process. We’ve recently seen significant growth in demand for our class-leading UV LED solutions in many print and industrial sectors including inks, coatings, adhesives and electronics. ITL operates a flexible business model offering fully-configured standard or bespoke solutions, core technology components, and product licensing. We serve the foremost industry OEMs, integrators and advanced manufacturing technology developers around the world, supported by direct regional offices in the UK, USA, Brazil, Korea, China and Japan. So – wherever you are, whatever your curing need, don’t forget:  


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