‘Bye Bye’ Version 0

VZero 2 UV Curing from Integration Technology



‘Bye Bye’ Version 0


Integration Technology is retiring (discontinuing) the first product it developed, the LAMPcure VZero after 19 years. We would like to firstly say ‘thank you’ to Version 0 for 19 years loyal service but like all good things at some point in time they come to an end, but what a legacy it has left behind. The year was 2000 and in a garage in somewhere in the UK Integration Technology founder Adrian Lockwood tinkering with a new UV lamp concept for InkJet printing. Having completed his research Adrian was convinced there was a gap in Market for a small, compact and lightweight UV Curing solution for this market. “It will never catch on”  everyone said, Integration Technology was formed, and the rest is history. 19 years ago this new “concept” whose engineering documentation was called “V0” as it was in it’s beta phase, was taken along to Richard Little’s workshop at


Jenton International for output and performance testing. The tests went according to plan and having taken a look at the documents Richard asked how much to buy 5 of these new V0 systems? On being told he promptly ordered them! The product we know today as VZero was born. Further successful curing early trials were undertaken in partnership with print head manufacturer Xaar and Sericol inks which led to factory testing at Zund in Switzerland on their new concept wide format UV ink jet platform. From then on every Zund wide format platform ever built was fitted with some of the several thousands of VZero lamp systems produced over the years, prior to now being withdrawn. Now for the Details, Existing customers for VZero or VZero 2 will have access to spare parts and in a few cases a complete system for the next 5 years. 31st December 2024 unfortunately users will no longer be able to have a system or indeed spares. The exception to this will be the Lamps (bulbs) themselves at present we have no plans to fully discontinue these parts. For existing users of VZero after 31st July 2019 we will need to review the price of the system and or the spare parts. We are no longer able to leverage volume pricing on parts for these systems nor are we able to “lean” on suppliers to adhere to our standard 6 week lead time. These orders will be dealt with on a case by case basis and please allow our Sales Administrator a full working week to be able to provide you with an accurate delivery time and price. Integration Technology are able to offer alternative solutions to VZero and VZero 2, if your application requires Arc based technology then we would recommend either the


SubZero or the


MBS5Li from


IST Metz. If you have a process or application which requires UV LED then we would recommend the


VZ and


VZX range of air-cooled solutions both of which have recently received their UL accreditation, Your


local Integration Technology office is more than happy to discuss all your UV needs please do feel free to contact them after all #WeHaveTheCure We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding in this matter as we say goodbye to Version 0.    


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