UV LED Measuring Devices


EIT's LEDCure® radiometers are highly portable and accurate designed specifically to measure the irradiance W/cm² and energy density J/cm² 

Until now, measurement devices have not always provided readings expected of them by users. (Download Integration Technology’s White Paper 1 on Measuring UV LEDs with Standard Equipment for more information)



The LEDCure® is easy to use, compact and affordable. With it's patented Total Measured Optical Response (TMOR™) the LEDCure® provides absolute energy measurements with accuracy and repeatability comparable to larger, cabled, metrology-based instruments which are much more expensive.



  • Highly accurate readings run-to-run
  • Highly repeatable results and unit to unit matching
  • Absolute energy measurement allows easy unit to unit and source to source comparisons

The TMOR™ LEDCure® is the only portable radiometer that measures absolute LED energy without requiring extraordinary calibration methods. 

LEDCure® Standard Version

  • Single EIT L-Band: specified at time of order L365, L385, L395 or L405
  • Easy to use: Push button operation
  • Full Specification operating range: 400mW/cm² to 40 W/cm²; 0-250 J/cm²
  • User Selectable Smooth Modes: 25/128/2048 equivalent samples/sec
  • User Selectable Screen: Graph or Reference mode
  • User replaceable Batteries: Two alkaline AAA Batteries

LEDCure® Profiler Version

As well as all the standard features the profiler LEDCure® has data download capability via USB for analysis with EIT's UV PowerView Software® III. The profiler allows characterization of:


  • Different Sources, cure conditions, multiple LED arrays and readings over time, including height and power levels of the UV LED source, and variations in process speed and exposure time.
  • Performance of individual sources in multi array systems
  • Maintenance needs before they impact product quality


EIT's UV PowerView Software III enables the user to analyse data collected. The user may:


  • Compare, track and align files to analyse system changes over time
  • Add notes to files for permanent record of cure chemistry, operating conditions and operator
  • Export UV PowerView Software III files in *.tdms file format or to Excel

UV LED Measurement Downloads