SZ 14W/cm² UV LED


SZ and VZ models. Specifically designed to meet the high specifications of wide format and industrial inkjet printing, the new LED products share a common compact head architecture. Just 70mm wide x 200mm high, the SZ and VZ models come in a range of standard lengths from 90mm to 540mm long to suit all printer models which can be fine-tuned using 30mm modules to match the print head array. Outside of these longer lengths are also possible to special order. The key difference between the two new products comes with output; the SZ model emits 14W/cm² with high dose, while the VZ  is rated at 16W/cm² but delivers a further 20% of additional dose.


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SZ Features

High-performance LEDs

SZ LEDcure is ready to use immediately after switch on, there is no warm-up or cooling times, which saves both time and energy. LEDs have a long service life of greater than 20,000 hours.


Integration Technology grants a warranty of five years on each XT8 LED module. Older systems can also be upgraded with the XT8 technology, then this warranty also applies to those modules.

XT8: UV LED Booster

With XT8 UV LED Booster technology, the system reaches an extremely high output and dose which greatly increases cure speeds offering customers a wider choice in all applications. An extended service life is achieved since the semi-conductor chips are not being driven as hard when compared to other products on the market. The 30% boost in efficiency is available for systems fitted with 365, 385, 395 or 405nm or mixed wavelength arrays.

VARIcool Technology

The VARIcool controls the cooling according to ambient temperatures delivering a consistent output in all working environments while minimising the noise and turbulence normally associated with fan cooling.


SZ LEDcure is specifically designed for the needs of the Wide Format Printing industry with up to 14W/cm² output. The modularity of SZ LEDcure allows to fully customize the system in a single housing, greatly simplifying cabling. Sizes of housings are specially designed to fit in all different models of printers with bus connectivity available as an option.